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Our Story


We purchased our farm in 1999.  At the time we purchased the farm, we had no intention of running a business.  We intended to grow our own beef, raise a garden and enjoy country living.  As we began to raise beef, we found that our family liked it and wanted some for themselves.  The word began to spread about how tasty our beef was.  Soon we had families asking for it, so we gradually turned our focus on not only raising healthy beef for ourselves, but for others as well.



We have 100 acres in the rolling hills of Kentucky.  We have natural springs that we use to water our cattle.  Our animals are raised on pasture as God originally intended them to live.  We raise and feed our cattle as naturally as possible. Our cattle are raised on good pasture with plenty of sunshine and exercise.  We use no hormones, steroids or antibiotics.


Creek in the Winter


Our beef can make a big difference in a person with compromised health as well as keep a healthy person healthy.  Our goal is to raise all natural grass fed and finished beef for our family and yours.  We want to provide you with beef that not only tastes great, but is also good for you.




You can find us at the Farmer’s Market on the square in Glasgow on Saturday mornings from 8:00 am until 12:00 noon in the summer months. We have meat on site.  Come check us out!!!!

You can find out more information on the Farmers Market by clicking on their link on our Cooking Tips page.




The Weaning Process


We wean our calves from the mother with as little stress as possible, to avoid affecting the animal’s health and the tenderness of the beef.  Calves are moved to an adjacent field from the mother separated only by a fence, so they can still see and be close to each other for a few days.  At first the mother stays pretty close to the calf, but after a couple of days she moves a little farther from the fence and eventually moves back to the herd.  This technique of weaning has proven to be the least stressful on our calves and mothers.

Harvest Time

We harvest our steer at least twice a year.  The Spring harvest is usually around the first part of June and the Fall harvest is usually in September.  At approximately two years of age, we transport our steer to a local processor.  Our customers deal directly with the butcher to get their beef cut to their specifications.